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What's Inside A Man's Guide To Style

This isn't a bunch of theory . . . it's high impact, it's fast paced, and it's all about getting solid results.

Detailed Information Divided In 14 Chapters

You will discover 14 detailed chapters that will teach you all the information you need, such as how to build your core wardrobe, how to pick the right suit for your needs and how to make sure you are buying quality items without overspending

In fact, you can get the money invested in this course back with your very first purchase, just by knowing what is a good deal worth your hard-earned cash

Everything From Foundations To Specific Details

I'll show you how to build the foundation of your wardrobe, so that you have the right clothes to wear for any occasion and look like the best-dressed man in the room. 

You'll learn how to combine different pieces of clothing, how to choose patterns and color that naturally complement and enhace your look . . . even if you suck at picking clothes from a department store. 

A Guide To Man's Style To Serve You For Life

In this course, you will understand why you need to dress sharp and - in explicit terms - every last detail of how you can do it no matter where in the world you live.

Why A Man's Guide To Style Is The Ultimate Course On Men's Style?

Antonio Centeno

A Man's Guide To Style - The Ultimate Course On Man's Style

Hi, I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real Men Real Style. 

The name of my website, Real Men Real Style, is not just about being authentic in my style but also about having a real connection with men around the globe. It represents, in a way, a rejection of runway fashions which are only attractive to a niche audience. 

I wanted to be really clear with my audience that I’m just a regular guy. You won’t find me in a three-piece suit everyday, I’m more a jeans and sports jackets kind of man. 

Style was not a priority to me during my formative years. I grew up in a trailer park in West Texas. Fashion was the least of our concerns. 

My style did not change in over a decade. 

How did things change? 

Through inspiration. First in the military and then in Ukraine. 

It wasn’t until I joined the United States Marine Corps that I discovered the power of a uniform. We paid attention to ranks, to the insignia - the little details mattered. In the Marine Corps, appearances matter a lot and so I started paying attention to my appearance. 

At the end of 2003, after a fun vacation over in Iraq, I transitioned out of the Marine Corps and spent a year in Ukraine. The European culture places a lot of emphasis on stylish clothing and this affected how I saw a man’s relationship with his wardrobe

Long story short, I started ‘A Tailored Suit’ in 2007 and started working as a custom clothier. The business still exists but now it’s an information portal. 

Three years later, I wanted to expand outside the confines of custom high end menswear. Through Real Men Real Style, I answer questions about style and go into greater detail across more mediums when it comes to exactly how to dress and build your wardrobe

I’m a big believer of “A man needs to take time to educate himself and spend time thinking, reading and learning. 

Today, all the things we’ve learned over the past two decades are consicisely presented in one massive online collection of videos, articles, infographics and ebooks. 

This comprehensive library on style for men is readily available and accessible from anywhere in the world

I've spent thousands of hours helping thousands of men improve their appearance. 

Men who want to achieve greatness and realize they need a polished appearance which radiates strength and confidence. 

Men just like YOU. 


Antonio Centeno

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Having the basic rules for those circumstances at the back of your head — and using a healthy dose of common sense wherever you go — can be the difference between a gentleman and a brute.

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